The Moravian Church in Tanzania South West Province consists of the following four (4) districts:

Chunya District

Chairperson: Rev. Anyandwile Kajange
Secretary: Rev. Philimon Chibona
Stewardship: Rev Robert Sikanyika
  • Number of wards: 7
  • Number of congregations: 37
  •                                                        Number of Sub-congregations: 11
contacts: +255 763 943 101- Chairperson;   +255 784 407 480 -Secretary,
email: mctswpchunyadistrict@yahoo.com/mctswpchunyadistrict@gmail.com
Mbeya District

Chairperson: Rev. Osiah Mbotwa

Secretary: Rev. Sifael Mwashibanda
Stewardship: Rev Nuru Mwamahonje

Number of wards: 7
Number of congregations: 48

Chairperson                                       Secretary

Mbalizi District

Chairperson: Rev. Erica Mwanijembe
Secretary: Rev. Luka Kamwela
Stewardship: Rev. Lauden Msangawale

Number of wards: 9
Number of congregations: 45

+255 784 633 949 - Chairperson;    +255 768 949 959       Secretary

A new district was established in 2020 and this district is called Mbarali which is located in the Usangu area some kilometres away from the province headquarters heading to Iringa.  Rev. Agness  Njeyo who is the chairperson  was the district secretary of Chunya before she became the district chairperson of Mbarali.
                            Chairperson: Rev Agness Njeyo                                                                                                                                                        Secretary: Rev. Friday Silungwe                                                                                                                                                       Stewardship: Rev. G. Mwakasumba                           
                      Number of Wards: 4
                    Number of Congregations: 17
                    Number of Sub-congregations                                  
+255 767 834 419 Chairperson                             +255 756 093 871            Secretary

The District Chairperson is the Provincial representative at District level for all matters to the Government, other churches and Organizations.