Head Office

Our Head Office is located along Jacaranda Road in Mbeya on plot number 215, near the Tanzania Broadcasting Corporation Station (TBC).

There is a Church called Jacaranda Congregation and the resident houses of the executive committee members.

Furthermore, there are offices for different departments like Deaconical, Youth Department, women and children, Youth, Evangelism and choir and others. The Moravian Youth Hostel and a shop located there as well. 

Organization Structure

On the Provincial level, the Church’s structure is divided into an Executive Committee (EXCOM) made up of the Chairman, the Vice Chairman, the General Secretary, the bishop and fourteen departments. Each of them is led by a secretary. This structure is also present at the district, the regional and the congregational level.


Moravian Church in Tanzania - South West Province
Head Office

P.O. Box 377

Email:    mctswp@yahoo.com
Phone: +255 025 2502643