Who we are

The Tanzanian Moravian Church belongs to the worldwide Moravian Church, a Christian Protestant Church. The church started in the current Czech Republic in 1457 by leader John Hus. It spread to many other places in the world, including Tanzania – established at the end of the 19th century. 

The Moravian Church in Tanzania is divided into seven autonomous and independent provinces, located all over the country. The headquarters of the Church of the South-West Province (MCT-SWP) is located in Mbeya, the fifth largest city in Tanzania. Its influence reaches three mission districts: Mbeya, Mbalizi, and Chunya. Furthermore, the province is supervising two mission areas namely Iringa and Mbozi. The Church is composed of approximately 133 congregations, 200 pastors and 215'000 members (in 2019).


The Moravian Church in Tanzania South-West Province aspires daily to know God better and to have a deeper relationship with Him. He is the one who fulfills our spiritual, physical and social needs. The Moravian Church is committed to serve Him and to be a model for the community.


The Moravian Church in Tanzania aspires to spread the word of God. The church, by listening to the needs of its members, also responds to critical issues of the community. It does this by applying sustainable strategies to improve the social and economic development of the community through projects in education, health, environment and media.

Core values

  1.  Good conduct and good behaviour in services
  2.  Personnel with good qualifications recognized by the State
  3.  Trust and responsibility
  4.  Cooperation and mutual respect
  5.  Unity through biblical values
  6.  High quality and efficiency in our work
  7.  Bureaucracy is not tolerated
  8.  Humbleness
  9.  Transparency
  10.  Integrity
  11.  Consideration of advice and warnings
  12.  Discipline in the workplace
  13.  Services with high quality
  14. The Bible and Church Constitution are the Pillars of our Church