HIV Desk

HIV/AIDS is an unbiased and debilitating disease, cutting across all sectors. As it is one of the most problematic issues of the Tanzanian society, each department and institution of the Moravian Church is concerned with it. Different projects are implemented around prevention, care and reduction of stigma.  

In the beginning of 2012, a coordination office was established to coordinate the different projects related to HIV/AIDS and to make sure that the efforts are not duplicated. In 2015, it became an active department called HIV Desk, with the main aim of helping the community reduce new infections rate to a Free HIV generation. Since its establishment, the church has been collaborating with the government of Tanzania, Mission 21 and other stakeholders to ensure we attain the national indicator tree of 90%.

The HIV desk operates in Mbeya and Songwe regions and covers four districts, namely: Mbeya DC, Chunya, Mbozi and Momba.

The main goals of the HIV Desk are:

  • Prevention of new infections
  • Support people who are suffering of HIV/AIDS
  • Reduce the stigma in society

We work on these goals through different methods. For example, by counselling and testing the people, especially in the hot stop areas. This is crucial to stop the spread of the disease. We also established clubs in our schools and colleges, to raise awareness and inform the students about HIV/AIDS. Furthermore, we work with Community Based Health Supporters (CBHS). These are volunteers who work in the community and provide HIV education and visit people who are suffering from HIV in their homes. We also work together with peer educators, who are selected by the church and help the church with the education of other peers in the community (ToT). In addition to the education through our peers and CBHS’s, we organize radio broadcasting with Baraka FM to be able to inform a higher number of people. Additionally, we helped with the formation of self-help groups, where people who are suffering from HIV/AIDS can talk about their problems and exchange advice on how to live with the disease. Some of these groups also established Village Community Banks (VICOBA), which help them to finance their projects so they can generate income and live a healthy life with a balanced diet. Currently we are working with six of these self-help groups, each of them consisting of 25 people.

The project works with one programm staff, 15 Community Based Health Supporters (CBHS) and 60 peer educators from targeted areas. 


Moravian Church in Tanzania - South West Province
HIV Desk

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