Baraka FM Radio and Studio

BARAKA FM is a radio station which belongs to South West Province of the Moravian Church in Tanzania. Its broadcasting studios are located at Forest area along Mahakama Street and its transmission sites at Kasule Hills in Mbeya City.

Officially, the station switched on in 2008. Our foundation is broadcasting spiritual support, but we also deliver news and other expressive information to the general public.  Baraka FM believes that enlightened citizens are essential and relevant to all national building activities.

At the time of its registration at the Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA) in 2008, the radio station employed five people and covered an area of around 42 km in radius, which comprised around 60% of the population of Mbeya region back then. With a lot of effort, as well as contributions made by the government and other stake holders, coverage has increased from 42 km to 200 km radius, which allows us to serve a much larger audience and employ a total of 16 people.

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Current Coverage

Currently, the radio covers an area that includes Mbeya region, Rukwa region, Songwe region, Njombe region and parts of Iringa and Ruvuma region.

Despite being owned by the Moravian Church, all other churches, religious organizations, government organizations, NGOs etc. are welcome to use our radio station, as long as the content is in line with the purpose for which the radio was established. This might be one of the reasons why BARAKA FM is one of the most listened radio stations in the Mbeya region. 


A radio with high and quality coverage in the southern highland zone, that includes teaching about new HIV infections in the community in order to foster a responsible society for the development of the nation. 


  1. To provide the communities of Mbeya and surrounding areas with the media outlet that is committed to hearing and sharing their voice.
  2. To produce radio programs that are educative, informative and entertaining with regular reference to real life issues of humans.
  3. To promote social cohesion among all members of the community.

Core Values

CHRISTIANITY: We seek to demonstrate Christ in our word, deeds and attitudes to people.

QUALITY: We maintain to provide high quality broadcasting services to our customers (audiences).

DYNAMIC: We remain dynamic in responding to technology changes and other global demand changes.

PROFESSIONALISM: We conserve professionalism and remain transparent in our activities.

INTEGRITY: We seek to develop and retain a team of high integrity.

RESPECT: We maintain respect and dignity of all manners to our customers.

SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY: We seek to provide affordable and accessible media services to the general public.

Our Activities

  • Educating the community through radio
  • Informing the community about current affairs and other important information and make it aware
  • Criticizing the society on wrongness 
  • Preaching word of God to all people to them depending on God through gospel songs and different pastors
  • We also entertain the society and make it enjoy being part of radio BARAKA
  • To support all disabled and non-disabled people who are in need  


Head Office:

Baraka FM
Mahakama Street, Old Forest Area
P. O. Box 377

Radio Station:
Mobile:      +255 762 933 360
       +255 753 900 150

Social Media: