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"Everyday Justice for Everyday Problems"

The Moravian Church in Tanzania - South West Province - learned through its activities that, like in other regions in Tanzania, women, children and other vulnerable groups in the Songwe region face the challenge of lack of access to legal services and a lack of awareness with regard to their rights and where to claim them. Hence, since January 2017 to date, the Moravian Church in Tanzania South West Province, in collaboration with LSF, has been playing a greater role in strengthening the capacity of rural and urban communities. We focus on ensuring that legal education and legal aid support services are available and accessible for all people, in particular for women. The project is to Increase access to justice for all, in respect of problems on land, GBV, VAC, labour dispute, inheritance, marriage, matrimonial, civil and criminal in particular for women in Songwe Region.

Our Services:

  • Provision of legal aid services to clients - Paralegals receive clients with legal problems, they advise them and solve legal disputes by applying alternative dispute resolutions. Most of the cases are solved, some are referred to other justice bodies. They also support clients by making follow up on the cases referred to the courts of law and advice their clients accordingly.  
  • Provision of legal education and awareness - The education of the community is provided through various activities, like ward tribunals, school clubs, public ceremonies, village meetings, VICOBA, religious meetings, religious groups (women groups), youth groups, main choir groups, Sunday school groups, evangelical groups, farmer meetings and others. The topics discussed during the legal education provision included land issues, marriage, GBV, child maintenance, inheritance, women right, entrepreneurship, human rights and the constitution.
  • Training and monitoring of paralegals


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Rev. Willey MwasileNsevilwe MsyalihaIsabella KaongaMwitishilwa Kalengo


Legal Service Facility - Moravian Church in Tanzania - SWP

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