Moravian Teachers College

After the state launched the campaign “one school for each village” in 2000, a lot of schools have been built. Unfortunately, the number of teachers could not respond to the demand. There was a significant increase in the demand for qualified teachers. In response to this need, the Teachers’ College of the Moravian Church was opened in Mbeya in 2009.

In January 2019, approximately 80 students were registered and more than 10 tutors were working at our school. We offer a certificate in primary education which takes two years and a diploma in secondary education which also takes two years to accomplish.


Principal Vice PrincipalAcademic Officer
Edina MwakyambikiJulius MwakyusaSalima Amos

College Motto: Education is development

Vision: To have a college community with the ability, spirit and responsibility to fully participate in all fields spiritually, socially, politically and economically for the development of the college and a nation as a whole.

Mission: to provide a conducive environment which enables student teachers to become good teachers, incorporating quality behaviours and values wherever they serve.


Moravian Teachers Training College

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