Chunya Moravian Vocational Training Centre

An aerial view of the site of Chunya Moravian Vocational Training Centre

Chunya is a town in the district of the same name and belongs to the Mbeya region. Chunya is about 75 km away from the nearest larger town Mbeya. The town Chunya seems to be very well developed. There are many banks, hotels, and construction businesses and it seems to have a strong economic development. The town is densely populated and is located directly on one of the main roads of Tanzania. The district of Chunya also has gold mines, which on the one hand signify the economic power in this region, and on the other hand agriculture and trade. There are many cars, motorcycles and shops in the town. This is evidence of the town' s stable economic power.


The Chunya Moravian VTC was founded in 2014 and currently provides education to more than 30 students. The centre is registered under VETA with the Preliminary registration Category C We offer a course in Sewing and Cloth designing, Knitting, Domestic Electrical Installation and Computer Application which takes two years from start to finish. For students who are interested to stay directly on the school compound, we provide accommodation in our dormitory, which offers space for 36 students.

A special advantage of studying at our school is that all of our students receive their own sewing machines  and other important tools at the graduation ceremony especially orphans who receive support from the donor called Rev. Dr. Jochen Tolk. This allows them to start their own business and become economically independent, once they have finished their course! Some impressions from the graduation ceremony of 2018:
The centre is being supervised by Mr. Erick Mwakasege and assisted by Magreth Chungu. The centre consists of the following teaching staff:

Mr. Erick Mwakasege,                                                                                                               Mr. W. Mwamatandala
           Principal                                      Accountant
Debora Ndunguru                           Roda Mwambene
Computer Course                            Tailoring Course

                                Sarome Chibona
                                  Knitting Course

Erick Mwakasege
Phone: +255 764 105 105/ +255 789 944 926