Mbozi Secondary School

Located in the countryside of Mbozi in a beautiful area, Mbozi High School is a secondary school offering courses in all levels (Forms 1 – 6). Divided into fourteen classes, 234 students (2019) receive quality training and every topic is taught in English except the subject Kiswahili. The percentage of female students is around 50%.


A well-established secondary school that provides quality education to students and community members living together in love, peace and good moral values.


To provide quality education to all students and community members at a well-established secondary school with complete infrastructure and social services.

School Motto

Discipline and education are bases of development.


The school offers accommodation for boys and girls. The girls dormitory is located directly on the school compound and accommodates around 450 students.

The boys dormitory is also located on the school compound and accommodates around 300 students.

We offer a variety of facilities to improve the expierence of studying at our school. Among those are a computer lab, a library, a physics lab, a chemistry/biology lab and a dispensary.

Elia Msyaliha
Sijali Benson Mpesya
Second Headmaster
Tuosi Mwamengo
Senior Academic Master

Raphael Watson
Deputy Academic Officer
Omary Sinkonde
Disciplinary Master

Mussa Anyimike
School Bursar

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Mbozi Secondary School

P.O. Box 341

Email:    mbosec@yahoo.com
Phone:  +255 754 203 749