MVTC - Moravian Vocational Training Centre

The Moravian Vocational Training Centre (MVTC) was established in 2000 in Mbeya city, Old Forest, Kadege. It is registered by the Vocational Education Training Authority (VETA). The schools mission is to prepare the young generation of Tanzania, regardless of gender or religious background, for further educational and technical education at the national standard, continued employment and lifelong learning. That is why we also teach life skills and entrepreneurship in all our courses. The centres capacity is 450 students, at the moment, around 400 students are registered (2019).

We offer long courses in the following disciplines:

  • Carpentry and Joinery (CJ)
  • Motor Vehicle Mechanics (MVM)
  • Auto Electrical (AE)
  • Domestic Electric Installation (also solar energy for advanced students) (DEI)
  • Full Secretary Course
  • Food production (FP)
  • Design Sewing and Clothing Technology (Tailoring) (DSCT)
These courses are created for a duration of two years. We run National Based Exams (NABE) and Competence Based Assessments (CBA) in our school and we prepare our students for the National Exams.  Each student receives basic tools when he completes his studies to start his own business (such as a sewing machine for tailors).

The MVTC also offers short courses in the following disciplines:
  • Computer Application Course (duration depends on program)
  • Basic Driving Course (5 weeks)
  • English Course (3 months)
  • Hotel Management and Tourism (3 to 9 months)
  • Tailoring (6 months)
  • Domestic Electrical Installation (6 months)
  • Motor Vehicle Mechanics (6 months)
  • Auto Electrical (6 months)
  • Carpentry and Joinery (6 months)


We offer a variety of facilities to improve the experience of studying at our centre. There is a boys dormitory with a capacity of around 50 students, situated directly on the compound. There is also a girls dormitory with a capacity of 120 students. 

The centre also includes two computer labs with a total of around 50 computers, wireless internet and other important equipment that allows us to give you professional training in computer application. There is a fully equipped kitchen for the Food Production course and a garage for the Motor Vehicle Mechanics and Auto Electrical courses. Furthermore, there is a library, equipped with books and computers which is accessible for the students. We also provide internet in the library during specific, limited hours.

The Moravian Vocational Training Center also has two production units. The carpentry unit makes furniture (for offices, schools, dormitories and private companies). There are also nine employees of the production units manufacturing coffins and bee hives and different types of home, church and office furniture. The tailor unit sews primarily uniforms (for students, pastors and graduation days) but also personal cloths.

Principal - Gad LwingaActing Training Coordinator - Shadrak GondweAccountant - Barnabas Mwang'ondaAccountant Assistant - Famuel  Mwandeko


1. Young people regardless of gender are enabled to become self employed

2. MVTC runs on its own resources and assistance from the Church

3. Existing small enterprises are promoted


MVTC - Moravian Vocational Training Center

P.O. Box 152

Phone:  +255 025 2503272
      +255 755 766 862